Rule Books and Umpire Manuals

A digital copy of the the following is available to those who have paid their Umpire Development Levy for the 2016/17 season.  Please contact the Director of Umpiring to get access.

 - Official Baseball Rules

 - Two Umpire System

 - Three Umpire System

Baseball SA Rules and Regulations

Baseball SA By-Laws

Playing Conditions - updated for 2016/17 season and supplemented by:

   Heat Rule

Prescribed Points System - as part of Baseball SA By-Laws - Section 41

Ground Rules guidelines - please only use this as a guide when the ground rules are determined for each game

Bennett Field rules - this includes game start times, game length, curfew 

Division 1 & 2 Coaches - names of the Head Coaches for each club

Umpire Uniforms

Here is an outline of all the clothing and equipment an umpire needs.

Nationally Accredited Umpires have a choice of two umpire uniforms, navy blue and red.

The Umpire Shirts Policy was formulated to try to prevent most clashes of umpire and player uniforms.

Ground Locations

Locations for each ground can be found on the Baseball SA website or by clicking here.


If an ejection occurs, please contact the Director of Umpiring that afternoon / evening after your games.  You will need to complete an Ejection Form and send this to the league on the first business day following the game.  Please refer to Section 40 of the Baseball SA By-Laws for further details.

Additional Resources

Code of Conduct

Addressing the problem of Abuse of Officials

Umpires Names