Association Umpire

Taking the next step to become an Association Umpire ("League Umpire") involves the following:

  • Successful Completion of Community Umpire Program as a prerequisite or demonstration of existing experience in umpiring baseball,
  • Reading the materials in the Assocation Umpire accreditation manual,
  • 6 hours of Instructor led training on baseball rules and interpretations,
  • 6 hours of Practical Instruction based on the Two-Umpire System,
  • Achieve a minimum score of 70% in the Association Umpire theory exam,
  • Be assessed as competent in two games by a qualified umpire assessor,
  • Sign the Umpires Code of Conduct,
  • Sign the Member Protection Declaration, and
  • Regsitered in the national database (i.e. SportsTG database)

The cost for this program is $50 and includes a digital copy of the 2017 Official Baseball Rules.  In addition, you may choose to purchase a pocket-sized printed version of the rule book for $25 which will include rule updates over the next two seasons.

You can access a sample of the first few pages of this Handbook here which outlines:

  • Areas coverd by the Handbook,
  • Requirements of the program, and
  • How to maintain your accreditation.

To get started or if you have any questions, please contact the State Director of Umpiring.


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To register for this program, please contact the State Director of Umpiring.